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Pacific Industries and its predecessors in PNG have been a manufacturer of FMCG for over 84 years and a distributor for 30 years. We have built an excellent reputation in developing and producing high quality, market leading products and are one of the leading distributors in PNG, representing a number of globally recognised products.

Pacific Industries employs approximately 800 National staff and 50 expatriates from Australia, New Zealand, India, Philippines, South Africa, Fiji and Germany.

A strong customer base has been established over the past 70 years which is made up of Wholesalers, Major Supermarket chains, Hotel Groups, Catering Companies, Trade Stores, Schools, Mining Camps, Government Departments and International & Domestic Airlines. This includes some of the major Chains with one having over 35 outlets across Papua New Guinea.


Pacific Industries currently have 11 distribution branches throughout Papua New Guinea and the New Guinea Islands. It has one of the largest distribution networks in the for FMCG products in PNG.


Pacific Industries vision is to continue to manufacture quality affordable products and import leading international brands for the PNG people and in turn provide employment and investment to help support its growing economy. Pacific Industries hopes to improve the standard of living in PNG through investment, employment, training and accessibility to products in remote areas.


  • Pacific Industries mission is to manufacture and supply the nations of the Pacific Islands with PNG MADE products and brands.

  • To manufacture and distribute affordable quality products that will set a precedent to improve the standards and quality of locally made products.

  • Provide customer satisfaction through quality products and professional service.

  • To provide employment and training to help improve the quality and supply of skilled labour force in PNG.

  • To improve manufacturing standards and cultivate a safe and harmonious working environment.

  • To continue to contribute to increasing the standard of living by delivering community based projects/events focusing on sport and education.

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