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Winners List by Branch

Port Moresby​

Playstation 5: Gerrick Damaro

Xbox S Series: Zonel Kakale

Nintendo Switch Neon: Rose Gerenua

Nintendo Switch Neon: Marybrenda Kasokason

Samsung Galaxy A05: Amos Tembo

Samsung Galaxy A05: Valerie Jouwe

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Paul Tinaba

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Issac Mesol

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Esther Loi

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Isidore Wahamu

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Mary Tapo

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Rova Rovagaua


Playstation 5: Kopson Amos 

Xbox S Series: Simpson Moru 

Nintendo Switch Neon: Nelly Simon 

Nintendo Switch Neon: Harry Waima 

Samsung Galaxy A05: Herrtson Jire 

Samsung Galaxy A05: Serah Zosingao

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Aya Enos

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Donald Gabi 

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Emmanuel Laka

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Merilyn Kavi 

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Freda Dobadoba

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Alphonse Warap 


Samsung Galaxy A05: Samantha Mako

Samsung Galaxy A05: Vannessa Molean

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Faith Abigail Solongo

UE Boom 3 Speaker: JezreelRatu

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Melissa Gong Mapha

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Natasha Kliva

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Dr. Roger Casurane

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Nelsie Sau

Mount Hagen

Playstation 5: Rose Tai

Xbox S Series: James Emm

Nintendo Switch Neon: Boycker Amos

Nintendo Switch Neon: Cathy Gande

Samsung Galaxy A05: Willie Cane

Samsung Galaxy A05: Zephaniah Mathew

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Trauguma Kolo

UE Boom 3 Speaker: G K Yayoo

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Junior Luta

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Melissah Ketepa

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Enoch Kontpi

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Ismael Benny


Samsung Galaxy A05: Fletcher Steven

Samsung Galaxy A05: Lucy Segeyaro

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Linda Steven

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Peter Ekimo

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Aileen Gahare

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Benjamin Dala

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Yowalun Asake

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Andrew Su


Playstation 5: Remsten Kasuat

Xbox S Series: Jeamimah Ang'snam

Nintendo Switch Neon: Michael Tutai

Nintendo Switch Neon: Lukas Kaleve

Samsung Galaxy A05: Stephen Kauba

Samsung Galaxy A05: Rita Age

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Carmelina Ulalom

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Sabien Glen

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Gillian Palagat

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Michael Dion

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Joseph Salakau

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Hubert Muliat


Samsung Galaxy A05: Paul Tukum

Samsung Galaxy A05: Nancy David

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Miriam Kavoa

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Walter Agres

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Donald Sakai

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Jessie Weazinga

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Betty Mesulam

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Paul Baroro


Samsung Galaxy A05: Francisca Raphael

Samsung Galaxy A05: Jennifer Chare

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Fredricca Paino

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Ignas Pinda

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Joan Demas

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Salotte Gara

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Rayleen Gati

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Llem Pokona


Samsung Galaxy A05: Grace Roland

Samsung Galaxy A05: Kevin Temeoto

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Nick Tilimat 

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Lydia Lantinam

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Christian Bill

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Jacob Waso

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Fittler Boas

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Yvette Peni


Samsung Galaxy A05: Jude Matera

Samsung Galaxy A05: Stephanie Eugene

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Royshina Araka

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Ellennah Osikore

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Carol Pausu

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Gideon Sikai

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Jayberlyne Janelle 

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Kathy Matua


Samsung Galaxy A05: Sherif Ali

Samsung Galaxy A05: Sean Burain

UE Boom 3 Speaker: Joyce Juniel

UE Boom 3 Speaker: John Wogena

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Justina Sipai

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Lynn Vagaon

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Mike Bobogi

Samsung Galaxy A04e: Emmanuel Mah

1. The promotion will commence on the 22nd of April 2024 and will conclude on 31st of May 2024. The promoter is Pacific Industries Limited. 

2. Vita is the registered trademark of VitaSoy International Holdings Limited., used under licence in Papua New Guinea by Pacific Industries Limited. 


3. Entry Method: To enter, participants must purchase K5 (Five Kina) or more of any Vita beverages (Vita Fruit Juices or Vita Waters). Participants must clearly write their full name & active contact number (mobile or landline) on the back of the receipt and place the receipt in an official Vita Entry Box at a participating store. 


4. Qualified Entries per Receipt: Participants will only have a single (one) qualified entry to the Promotion on a single receipt – whether they spend K5 or K50, for example. 


5. Maximum Entries: Participants may enter as many times as they wish, as long as they correctly enter based on points 3 and 4 above. 


6. Maximum Wins per Person: A participant may only win once throughout the whole promotion, regardless of whether they win from the major or minor prize list. Should a participant who has won have multiple entries and if any of their subsequent entries are drawn, once identified as a previous winner, their entry will be withdrawn, and a next winner will be drawn. 


7. Minor Prize Draws: Minor prize draws will be held at each of Pacific Industries’ eleven branches nationwide: Port Moresby, Lae, Madang, Mt. Hagen, Goroka, Rabaul, Kokopo, Kavieng, Kimbe, Buka and Arawa. The eighty-eight (88) minor prizes are: twenty two (22) Samsung Galaxy A05 mobile phones, twenty two (22) UE Boom 3 Bluetooth speakers and forty four (44) Samsung Galaxy A04E mobile phones. The minor prize draw date is on Wednesday 5th June. 

8. Major Prize Draw: Major prize draws will be held at each of Pacific Industries’ 4 regional branches nationwide: Port Moresby, Lae, Mt. Hagen and Kokopo. The sixteen 

(16) major prizes are: four (4) Playstation 5 consoles, four (4) Xbox S consoles and eight (8) Nintendo Switch Neon consoles. The major prize draw date is on Wednesday 5th June.


9. Minor Prize Draw locations are as follows:

(a) Port Moresby: Pacific Industries Ltd., Dogura Road, 6 Mile, National Capital District.

(b) Lae: Pacific Industries Ltd., Independence Drive, Portion 705, Speedway, Lae, Morobe Province. 

(c) Madang: Pacific Industries Ltd., Yaho Plaza Suite 21A, Madang, Madang Province. 

(d) Mount Hagen: Pacific Industries Ltd., Okuk Highway, Kimininga, Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province. 

(e) Goroka: Pacific Industries Ltd., West Avenue, Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. 

(f) Rabaul: Pacific Industries Ltd., Lot No. 6/7, Section 52, Cleland Drive, Rabaul, East New Britain Province. 

(g) Kokopo: Pacific Industries Ltd., Lot No. 36, Kamuk Street, Kokopo, East New Britain Province. 

(h) Kavieng: Pacific Industries Ltd., Lot No. 01, Section 42, Wharf Road, Kavieng, New Ireland Province. 

(i) Kimbe: Pacific Industries Ltd., Lot No. 02, Section 2121, Morokea Street, Kimbe, West New Britain Province. 

(j) Buka: Pacific Industries Ltd., Lot No. 26/27, Section 10, Haku Street, Buka, Autonomous Region of Bougainville. 

(k) Arawa: Pacific Industries Ltd., Portion 406, Kobuan, Arawa, Autonomous Region of Bougainville. 

10. Major Prize Draw locations are as follows:

(a) Port Moresby: Pacific Industries Ltd., Dogura Road, 6 Mile, National Capital District.

(b) Lae: Pacific Industries Ltd., Independence Drive, Portion 705, Speedway, Lae, Morobe Province. 

(c) Mount Hagen: Pacific Industries Ltd., Okuk Highway, Kimininga, Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province. 

(d) Kokopo: Pacific Industries Ltd., Lot No. 36, Kamuk Street, Kokopo, East New Britain Province. 


11. Prize Winners: One (1) eligible entry will be selected at random in each prize draw location to determine the winners of the minor and major prizes – one hundred and four (104) in total. The winner will be notified by a phone call using the phone number they have written on their receipt. If the selected participant does not answer their phone when called, or they are found to be ineligible, the prize will be awarded to the next randomly drawn winner until an eligible participant is identified. 

12. Prize Winners Announcements: All 104 prize winners will be announced in the newspapers on Friday 7th June as well as on Vita PNG’s social media accounts. 

13. Publicity: The winners’ names and images may be posted by Pacific Industries Ltd. and its partners’ website(s) and social media pages. 


14. Eligibility: Participants must be current Papua New Guinea residents aged 10 years or older to be eligible for entry into the promotion. 


15. Proof of Identity: Each identified winner will be required to provide proof of identity through a valid form of identification to collect their prize. 

(a) Adult – must present any valid ID, i.e. National ID, passport, driver’s licence, work or school ID, insurance card, etc). In the absence of any valid ID, alternatively a statutory declaration with seal from a Commissioner of Oath must be presented. 

(b) Minor (below 18 years old but not less than 10 years old) – refer to above or a copy of birthday certificate and must be accompanied by his/her parents or guardians with valid ID when claiming the winning prize. 

(c) If an identified winner does not have any valid ID, they will be required to show physical proof of possession/ownership of the phone number (SIM) and phone that they entered the promotion with. This physical validation will be done through calling the number as entered in the proof of receipt and 

(d) If the winner fails to produce any of the abovementioned method of proof of identify, the prize will be forfeited. 


16. Prize Collection: The prizes must be collected within two (2) weeks of the date of notification and from the specific branch that they were drawn from. Refer points 9 and 10 for branch locations nationwide. 

17. Unclaimed Prizes: All unclaimed prizes will remain the property of Pacific Industries Ltd. 

18. Publicity Rights: Pacific Industries Ltd reserves the right to use any winner’s voice, images etc. without payment. Refusal to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize. 


19. Ineligible Participants: Employees of Pacific Industries Ltd and their immediate family members (defined as spouse, children, mother, father, or siblings) are not eligible to enter the promotion or win any of the prizes. 

20. No prize is transferable or exchangeable, nor can it be redeemed for cash. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any variation in the value of a prize. 


21. The Promotor accepts no responsibility for any tax implication that may arise from the prize winnings. Independent financial advice should be sought. 

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