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GoGo Cola 🚴🏾 KOKOPO to RABAUL 🚴🏾‍♀ Bike Race

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Join us for the annual Gogo Cola Kokopo to Rabaul Bike Race being held on the Queen's Birthday Monday 12th June 9:00am. The main event starts from Kalabond Sports field and finishes at the Rabaul Hotel. There a lots of prizes to be won in all different age groups including:

🥇1st place - K1000

🥈2nd place - K500

🥉3rd place - K250

If your bike riding days are in the past come join us at the finish line (Rabaul Hotel) and cheer on the winners and contestants🏆.


Senior Men (18 yrs plus)

Senior Women (18 yrs plus ) - Kalabond Sports field to Rabaul Hotel

Junior Men (15yrs - 17yrs)

Junior Women (15yrs - 17yrs) - Raburua to Rabaul Hotel

Girls U15 (11yrs - 14yrs)

Boys U15 (11yrs - 14yrs) - Malaguna No.3 St Joseph P/S to Rabaul Hotel

Boys & Girls U10 (9yrs & under) - Rabaul Police Station to Rabaul Hotel

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